» Hit the Trail
» North Rim Lodge
» South Rim Accom.
» Nat. Weather Service
Trip specifics for Pete L.
» Night before, 8:30 dinner: steak, rice, bread, caramel apple pie
» Breakfast: Bagel, bfast burrito, nectarine, banana, coffee
» Trail down: honey peanuts, quench, cheezits,1 cliff bar, 3 liters Gatorade
» Lunch: pbj burrito, cheezits, dried cherries
» Trail up: 5hr Energy drink, cheezits, 2 liters Gatorade, quench
» Done: beer
» Several months of elliptical, stairs, abs/back (3-4/wk)
» Moderate hikes (mainly Boulder area, max 8 mi, avg 4 mi)
» Avoided 3+ bottles of assorted pinot noirs and zinfindels the night before.
» North Rim - Grand Canyon Lodge (Frontier cabin)
» South Rim - Maswik Lodge (cabin)
» Camelback Rim Runner » North Face fleece
» REI trek pole » REI microfleece
» Merrell Moab Ventilator - lowcut
w/ SOLE footbeds
» Coolmax hiking socks and
silk liners
» First Aid - Advil, mole skin,
bug, blister
» REI sahara convertible pants
(and jeans)
» Canon SD1100 IS » Sierra Designs rain gear
» 6:35 am N. Kaibab TH
» 7:35 Suppai Tunnel
» 9:20 Bt Angel Creek (5 min. rest)
» 10:05 Cottonwood CG
» 12:00 pm Ribbon Falls Detour
» 1:45 Bt Angel CG (30 min. lunch)
» 2:30 River crossing
» 4:30 Indian Garden (10 min. rest)
» 7:35 Bt Angel TH
» As these may be the most traveled trails in the world, a detailed map is not a necessity. A pocket map that showed landmarks and progress in distance and elevation worked fine. I printed and cut the maps below, placed them back to back and inserted them into a FedEx shipping pouch for waterproofing. Thanks FedEx.
N. Kaibab Map (pdf) Bright Angel Map (pdf)
Weather (information)
» 32° and freezing rain on the way to the north rim was cause for some concern but the weather on hike day couldn't have been better. Minor snow flurries at the beginning, cleared up soon after. Very comfortable 60s and 70s most of the day, only scattered rain.